ZiggyNet.com - Wireless Internet and VoIP

Wireless Internet
Ogemaw County, Michigan

ZiggyNet.com Wireless Internet ZiggyNet.com offers Wireless Internet service to Ogemaw County in Michigan -- currently includes West Branch and Rose City. More areas to come online as we work to expand the service. Pricing as low as $30/mo for 64K Digital Service or $40/mo for 128K Digital Service for residential Service (with your own wireless gear/equipment). Very competitive pricing for businesses too. Bring your own, buy,  lease, or rent-to-own wireless gear.  Check it out.



VoIP Telephone Service

Ziggynet.com VoIP - Phone Service $25/mo.VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Telephone service. Michigan residents - *unlimited calling anywhere within the Continental US for a low $30/mo. Low out of the Contintental US calling available. All you need is a broadband connection (wired or wireless), our Sipura SPA-2002 Dual Port FXS Analog Adapter SIP VoIP Gateway and a Router (to plug in the SPA-2002). This tiny box is  basically a miniature PBX in a box! Check it out.


American Web Hosting and Design
$99/year Hosting
$99/Mo Colocation
$139/mo Dedicated server

Ziggynet.com VoIP - Phone Service $25/mo.American Web Hosting and Design offers hosting for $99/year including domain name registration or transfer, and many features.

They also offer Web Site Design packages, Dedicated Servers and Colocation services.  Check them out at  the AmWebCo.com website.